Earn your badges:

Demolitionist - Eliminate two or more opponents with a single grenade.

Go Ballistic - Eliminate an opponent that you can't see using the paintballs' trajectory.

Spy - Shoot an opponent in the back from their own side of the field.

Goggler - Eliminate an opponent by shooting them in the head.

More badges to come!

Hint: You may reposition all icons on the screen in game via the Settings menu. So go customize it to your liking!

How to Play: Basics

How to PUMP your PUMP GUN: slide the left toggle back then forward, simulating the real action of a single shot pump marker

"Movement" Thumb press and drag anywhere on the left side of the screen.

"Aiming", Thumb press and drag anywhere on the right side of the screen.
"Aiming" You can also tilt your device (if it has a gyro) to aim or STRAFE.

"Fire" Tap anywhere in the red area.
"Fire" Tap and drag in the red area to auto-fire.

"Zoom", Single tap on the right screen to toggle zoom in and out.


"Crouch" Left Thumb Tap to toggle crouch.

"Slide" Left Thumb Swipe while moving and not crouched.

"Dive" Left Thumb Swipe down while moving.

"Stand Up" Left Thumb Swipe up to stand up.


"Quick-look" Right Thumb Swipe down to widen your field of view.

"Quick-look" Right Thumb Tap to go back to normal view.

HINT 1: When your gun is on the left side of the screen, YOU ARE RIGHT HANDED, looking down the outside of your marker, like in real paintball!
SO..When your gun is behind cover, YOU are behind cover, and can snap out when necessary.
Make good use of cover and you'll be unstoppable!

HINT 2: "Fire Modes" Guns are either Pump, Single-fire, Burst, or Auto.

Specialty Moves:

"Snap/Lean" Left Thumb Press and hold for a moment, then drag. You now have automatic control and can snap in ANY DIRECTION, while automatically switching hands. Stand up, duck down, shoot left, then shoot right, all with the left thumb.

"Grenades" Press and drag to aim, then release to throw.

"Reload" Tap the gun icon in the center to reload when you want or you'll also auto-reload when out.

"Weapon Switch" Press and drag the center gun icon to switch weapons (once unlocked).